• Work experience
  • February 2017 -

    Front-end lead developer at Worldline

    Design, development and teaching on an internal webapp to manage deliveries of Worldline teams and monitorings their application easily.

    • Teaching nearshore developers
    • Design of all concepts and best practices
    • Agile Scrum sprint development with distant team
    • Technical environment : JavaScript, AngularJs, Angular 4, ui-router, HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, CSS3, Material Design, GIT, GitHub flow, Gitlab, Gitlab-ci, jenkins, apache, MongoDB, grunt, gulp
  • July 2016 - February 2017

    Front-end developer at Worldline

    Design and development of statistical modules for a push platform (SMS, MAIL, Calls). This product is made for EDF, main French energy provider. Each communication campaign is analyzed and users can follow delivery progress.

    • Technical environment : JavaScript, AngularJs, HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, CSS3, GIT, Gitlab, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, jenkins, apache, MYSQL, Perl, bash, grunt
  • November 2015 - July 2016

    Front-end lead developer at Worldline

    Design and development of the Traffic offenses admin webapp for the Luxembourg Government. Police officers uses the application to recognize car license plates that have not been properly detected automatically by the system

    • Technical environment : JavaScript, AngularJs, ES6, HTML5, ui-router, Bootstrap CSS, CSS3, GIT, GITFLOW, jenkins, apache, Oracle, Gulp
    • Agile Scrum sprint development
  • December 2014 - November 2015

    Front-end developer at Worldline

    Develop new major version of Orange Cloud TV & web services : manage personal videos of users and design new visual interface.

    • Technical environment : JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, BackBone.js, Mercurial, jenkins, nginx, GIT, apache, MYSQL, Perl, bash
  • July 2014 - December 2014

    Front-end developer at Worldline

    Front-end lead development for the admin Web Interface of the localization emergency call plateform. Emergency centers and Telecom operators made all there external acceptance before being in production. The webapp managed these steps. There are now connected to the platform and locate each emergency call

    • platform is called PFLAU (Plate-forme de localisation des appels d’urgence)
    • Mandated Organization : APNF (Association des Plateformes de Normalisation des Flux inter-opĂ©rateurs)
    • Developed by Worldline
    • Technical environment : JavaScript, AngularJs, Angular-ui, ui-router, HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, CSS3, Spring Boot, JAVA 7, GIT, GITFLOW, jenkins, MYSQL
    • Agile Scrum sprint development
  • July 2012 - July 2014

    Front-end developer at Worldline

    Design and develop the Cloud STB webapp for Orange French Telecom operator. Users can store, access and share photo and video contents via their TVs

    • Design Javascript application on Orange TV box (Opera browser)
    • Contribute to Worldline's JS TV framework
    • Develop an UI framework to manage slideshow and other components
    • Technical environment : JavaScript with Classes pattern-like, CSS, HTML, GIT, jenkins, Orange STB, HbbTV, nginx, MYSQL, Perl, Bash
    • Agile Scrum sprint development
  • October 2010 - July 2012

    Application manager at Atos worldline

    Orange's webmail & vocal production management. Monitorings, deliveries, bug-fixes, sla, client support level 3

    • Technical environment : JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SVN, jenkins, apache, tomcat, MYSQL, Perl, bash
  • September 2008 - October 2010

    Fullstack developer at SNCF

    Design and development of EDM (Electronic Document Management) in order to increase productivity with team-working.

    • Design the web software as a service
    • Teach employees on how to use it
    • Technical environment : JavaScript, PHP5, HTML, CSS, SVN, apache, MYSQL
  • Education
  • September 2004 - July 2005

    Bachelor at High school

    Science's Degree at Louis Thuillier

  • September 2005 - July 2007

    Computing & Industrial systems at Technology Institute

    University Degree of Technology

  • September 2007 - July 2010

    Computing & electronic at University of Jules Verne

    Master's Degree

  • Skills
  • Front-end Development Expert

    JavaScript AngularJs & Angular 4 ES6 & Typescript JSON HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap CSS Grunt Gulp npm & bower

  • Back-end development Master

    Spring Spring Data Rest & Spring security Java 7 & 8 SQL JWT MongoDB

  • Tools Master

    GIT GitFlow GitHub Gitlab Apache Nginx Jenkins Gitlab-ci Intellij Idea

  • Other resourceful

    Perl Bacula (backup system) nextcloud Shell XML PHP Oracle backbone.js

  • Interests
  • Home automation

    KNX Node.js Renovate my house 1-wire Node-red Jeedom

  • JavaScript, Frameworks & Best practices

    Vue.js React.js Angular 4 Learn & share Meetup & codelab

  • Sciences of the Universe

    discoveries and last news Theories of Unifying Universes laws Black holes and Quantum phyics

  • Running & hikes

    Be more awarness discover the beautiful Earth

  • Electric Guitar, metal & electro music, movies

    cinema lover playing guitar

  • Languages
  • French Native speaker

  • English Technical

  • Up